About Maya

Hi! I'm Maya -- artist, illustrator  and a children's book author based in sunny Southern California.

At the age of seven I wrote my first poem and that was in Russian. These days I write in English. I create my art and illustrations via various mediums. Among them -- colored pencils, acrylics, watercolor, ink, pastel, collage techniques, including digital drawing and painting. I love to experiment, so nothing is set in stone. My creative process is intuitive. 


I have 10 + years hands-on experience working with children.

My stories and illustrations are informed by that experience. 

 I love to travel the rainbow of cultures peopled throughout the world. My bucket list has me one day ascending Mount Kilimanjaro. An avid Seeker of Adventure - in real and imaginary forms - I yearn to visit the Galapagos Island. To witness for myself  the awe-inspiring, harmonious diversity of flora & fauna found there. I dream swimming with baby elephants in Thailand; to meditate before baby turtles birthing & hatching on Costa Rican pristine sands; run in merrious flight from curious giraffes on Serengeti  plains. Walk... with... me!

I'm social, feel free to say hi on Instagram  @mayaismailova_

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