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With A Bit Of Whipped Cream

Watch Monkey Rita make new friends from morning to night.

A little bit of whipped cream and fruit travel far in the jungle.

"With A Bit Of Whipped Cream" is the first book in the series of Monkey Rita And Friends.  

The book series are based on rhymes about Monkey Rita and her jungle friends. 

With this series I want to introduce children to concepts such as friendship, sharing,

diversity, acceptance, confidence, discovery, concept of time, and other basic concepts.

My goal is to inspire children to be themselves no matter who they are,

and where they come from. I hope these books will bring joy and happiness into your children's lives.

 Filled with colorful and stimulating illustrations these books are sure to become your child's favorite.

A book about friendship and sharing.

Book 1 from "Monkey Rita And Friends Series".

Paperback edition, 52 pages 


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